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Join us at The Buffs on Saturday Sept 22 12pm to sip, paint and relax. It's the fun art for adults class! It's our 1st couples paint class where you and your mate both have a canvas each but paint 1/2 of the picture. Put the canvases together at the end to create a larger artwork to put on the wall displaying your creative love tree :) Awww how cute is that.

Arrive @ 11:45 to get your seat, order a drink and some food and get ready to have a good time. Painting begins at 12:00pm. There will be a designated break so that we can have a stretch. We'll have an easel, canvas, paint, brushes, even an apron waiting for you. Don't worry, an artist will walk you through each step so no experience required! Besides, it's FUN art, not FINE art :)

Price includes your 2 hour paint class, canvas, and all paint supplies for $55 or 2 people + 2 canvases = $100. Food and drinks can be purchased separately.



  • Adult


  • Kids ticket (12 and under)


  • Partner Paint Pass


    2 people, 2 canvases, $100




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